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Cat Quest 2
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What can be cuter than a world inhabited solely by cats? Cat Quest is just the kind of place. Furry villagers, ...
PC Game
Cats can be heroes, too! You can make sure of that playing Cat Quest. Our furry adventure lover sets out on a dangerous ...
The kingdom of cats is in danger! So the ruler of Felingard sets out to protect his land. To do this, he has to ...
Cat Quest 1
In the first Cat Quest, we rescued a sister who was kidnapped by a villain. The second part of the family drama is much ...
The war between the cat town of Felingard and the Lupus Empire inhabited by dogs goes own. But the hostile nations will ...
Meet Cat Quest 2, a new chapter of the popular feline saga with a new unexpected story twist and expanded capabilities! ...
Cat Quest clearly stands out from other role-playing games with its cute design and fun gameplay. The local feline ...
Cat Quest tells us a gripping story about a lovely character and his fantastic adventure. Once the peaceful fishing of ...
Those who played the first part of Cat Quest will definitely be thrilled to find out what happens to the main heroes ...

Cat Quest Game Play Online Free

Attention to all fans of high-quality RPG, the continuation of a chic project about cats has just been released! A very interesting story, beautiful graphics and cute protagonists make the game as exciting and interesting as possible. Of course, this is an option for those who like cats and everything that is connected with them. So let’s curb this virtual world!

So cute and fluffy!

The first thing that should be said about Cat Quest is that it’s a charming and childish game that was created for pleasure, and not for you to rack your brains and think who the villain is here. And the story itself is quite short – if you don’t get distracted and push forward, in five hours you can easily go through the whole plot. On the other hand, if you don’t hurry, but grasp the details and think about the setting, then the gameplay will bring you much more pleasure. The darkness of funny jokes, the constant mention of cats and words associated with them, plus a very thoughtful virtual world with its own background and other matters. In general, the plot is extremely simple, but understandable and fascinating, but we don’t require anything more from this game. The main thing in it is to enjoy and relax.

The gameplay also differs very little from the original part, but this is more a plus than a minus. The characters travel on a fairly large map, which has become twice as large, communicate with all sorts of heroes, go down into the dungeons to get equipment and constantly fight with opponents of different level and type. The game is role-playing and it is extremely important to properly allocate resources, equipment and items, plus think a little ahead. The battle system is quite easy-going, it’s not a hardcore project, plus the virtual world itself was created with the aim of making it easy for you to move and develop. For most users, this style of gameplay will be ideal, because not all of us like to play shooters and have an incredible reaction.

Travel, fight, upgrade

So what do you actually have to do in Cat Quest? Just set out to explore the map, travel from settlement to settlement, venture into plentiful dungeons in search of treasures and see how you can help the local dwellers. While performing side quests and clearing the underground territory, you can quickly upgrade your hero raising the primary parameters such as health, attack and magic. Yes, aside from a variety of weapons and armor, you can also use spells that have to be learned from wizards. Oh, and there is also a cooperative mode allowing you to distribute the roles of the two main heroes between you and your friend – twice as much fun!

Cat Quest II is just amazing. It’s strongly advisable to read into every dialogue, the names of locations and item descriptions. Literally every talk contains some jokes, funny references to cats and so on. Besides, it’s a perfect option of pastime with a friend on the same couch – you can simply turn on the co-op mode and get tons of pleasure. You can check it out online on our site playing both parts of Cat Quest and enjoy this 100% cattish adventure!