Cat Quest 1

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The kingdom of cats is in danger! So the ruler of Felingard sets out to protect his land. To do this, he has to cooperate with the least expected creature – the leader of the Lupine Empire who is a dog! This unimaginable company starts their long and perilous journey full of obstacles, enemies and amazing discoveries. Prepare to meet dozens of cute characters, both kitties and puppies living in picturesque locations with telltale names. Sometimes they will need your help and it’s a great chance for you to prove that you are a real hero and gain a couple of levels along with valuable rewards. After all, the power of your equipment and the level of your skills has direct influence on the outcome of your battles. You can choose either the path of a melee warrior or a mighty wizard. The most exciting part though is that you can enjoy this incredible adventure together with your friend! One of you will take on the role of the cat and the other will be playing as the dog. As a team, you’re sure to overcome all the trials and make sure both your countries keep living in peace and quiet! Play Cat Quest on our site and help the dwellers of these magical lands deal with all the troubles and return to their serene daily lives!