Cat Quest 2

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In the first Cat Quest, we rescued a sister who was kidnapped by a villain. The second part of the family drama is much larger. Here, the main heroes are not only cats, but also dogs, and they all have to unite to defeat the usurping kings. Only in this way the Felingard cats and the Lupus Empire will regain their former glory. Like the first part, Cat Quest II is a vivid and, in a sense, childlike role-playing game, crowded with pets and related jokes. Not a single dialogue is complete without words like “purring” and “great-paw”. And in terms of gameplay, the sequel is not much different from its predecessor. You are still walking along the big map of the world, completing quests, helping relatives and periodically descending into the dungeons for valuable loot. This time, the territory has become twice as large, but the story campaign hasn’t grown much – it can still be completed in a few hours. Despite the fact that the experience is flowing and new levels are issued after each quest, you’ll have to be distracted by side tasks from time to time.

The main innovation is the cooperative mode – one player takes control of the cat, and the other gets the role of the dog. When passing alone, the partner is led by artificial intelligence, and, unfortunately, it is incredibly dumb. It can only come close to opponents, use spells out of place and throw the hero under blows, because of which your ally constantly dies in battles with powerful bosses. Sometimes the AI manages to survive a couple of seconds and even inflict damage, but basically it’s better not to rely on it.

At the same time, there won’t be any problems with solo missions. Even with strong enemies it is possible to cope alone, because almost before all their attacks on the ground, either a red circle appears, which is filled within a second, or symbols that mean the opponent uses magic. If you carefully follow these tips, with the help of a roll you can always be saved in time and then return to beating the enemy. Play Cat Quest II online and discover all the perks and thrills of this amazing game!