Cat Quest 2020

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There are two categories of people who must play Cat Quest: those who love adventures and those who love quests. The sequel of the popular online game will send us on another journey in the company of two furry travelers. This time, the brave kitty from the first part will have a partner and helper in the face of a charming puppy from the dog land. The two will have to make a long and challenging trip across the whole pet domain and defeat the evil imposters trying to seize rule over the two kingdoms.

Aside from running an extensive number of combats, hunting for trophies and generally exploring the map is also very entertaining. Quite often there are characters who give out side quests, in which there are excellent jokes and references – just remember the treasure hunter Laitan Drake and conductor Alaideus Hawgang. The tasks come across a variety of activities: from searching for scattered leaflets, for which they will eventually give useful passive ability, to participating in a dispute between cats and dogs on the border of two kingdoms.

The map is strewn with dungeons, the vast majority of which you do not need to visit either for the plot or for additional tasks, but cleaning them up is exciting: defeating enemies, dodging traps, and sometimes using the environment to defeat opponents who cannot be damaged by either weapons or magic. Chests are placed everywhere where valuable (and not so) things are lying, and before entering each dungeon the recommended level is indicated – you can get into the crowd of too strong villains only by your own carelessness.

While only Felingard was available for study in the first Cat Quest, then in the sequel there is also access to the Lupus Empire – a completely new and equally large location. The habitat of cats is an evergreen zone with trees and bushes, while dogs live in the desert with cacti at every step and huge bones. Both there and here are full of sites with dungeons hidden by coins, chests, which require special keys, and other surprises. So, in addition to the five-hour campaign, there is something else to do here – just like in 3D games with the open world where you are constantly distracted by extraneous entertainments. And here again and again you want to go over to that dog with an exclamation mark over his head instead of running around the plot. You have a wonderful opportunity to form your own impression about Cat Quest II on our site by playing the game online!