Cat Quest 3

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Those who played the first part of Cat Quest will definitely be thrilled to find out what happens to the main heroes further! In the new chapter, you’ll set out on another adventure, this time accompanied by a friendly dog. Just like previously, you’ll have to explore the giant map, search treasures in the dungeons and fight hordes of enemies. This and much more awaits you in Cat Quest II! The combat system hasn’t’ changed much – you still roll when you press the spacebar, click on the left mouse button to attack with a weapon and use magic with the help of separate keys. Over time, the roll becomes more useful and allows you to inflict damage on enemies, and for exploring the world and interacting with special monuments you are awarded new spells – if you just run without looking back at the plot, their list in the inventory will turn out to be quite scarce. However, even with the new features, the “battle” is a bit boring – when, time after time, you make only the same hits and rifts, combining this with magic, you begin to regret the absence of at least some depth.

There are several types of weapons, but they are all divided into two main categories. Melee weapons are ordinary and two-handed swords, axes, daggers and so on, to use them you need to come close to the opponents. Ranged weapons – all kinds of staves, halving the health reserve, but allowing you to shoot magic spheres with auto guidance. It is most logical to give one character a conventional weapon, and the second a staff, since some enemies and even bosses can fall apart from magic five times faster than from a sword. But when playing alone, this does not work as well as we would like – if the AI takes the staff, it will also run into the crowd and die.

All equipment has additional characteristics: increases the chance of critical damage, enhances the attack, increases the speed of strikes, or makes certain spells more powerful. Therefore, choosing helmets and bibs only by their appearance (and they are displayed on the characters) may not be entirely reasonable. On the other hand, bonuses are far from always so important as to draw attention to them. Armor and weapons can be improved at the blacksmiths for money, which is no longer spent on anything, and in the chests duplicates of existing things sometimes drop out, raising their levels. There are many more new features the game has in store for you. Launch Cat Quest II on our site and find out!