Cat Quest 4

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Meet Cat Quest 2, a new chapter of the popular feline saga with a new unexpected story twist and expanded capabilities! There are plenty of equipment for you to use: hats, body vests and weapons. However, the latter are exclusively melee, no bows or crossbows. The combat system in the game is active, and in most cases, to defeat enemies, it won’t work out just to attack and push the hit button to the last. Since health can end very quickly, and it can be replenished in only two ways: little by little restoring ability and completely sleep in cities, you will have to follow it, and also evade most of the opponents’ tricks. Each foe has his own type of attack and set of abilities, and the radius of their action is always indicated in red when they begin to prepare for its application. Some monsters have the peculiarity of attacking in a straight line, so in order not to die in the narrow corridors of the dungeons, you will have to bring them to a more spacious place. In general, without studying the behavior of each enemy, it will be quite difficult.

Experience can be obtained both for the extermination of enemies, and for completing the main, as well as additional tasks. Side orders are accepted on bulletin boards in settlements. Repeated among them are absent, and at the same time you can take only one quest, since there is no mention of any quest log. All additional tasks in the amount of sixty-two pieces have their own level, and in addition, not taking into account your wishes, whether you want to fulfill them or not, you will have to do this for leveling the character and subsequently destroying more powerful opponents. The characteristics of the cat are distributed automatically. A certain amount of points is always added to health, attack power and magic, and they are adjusted to your style of play with equipment that also has its own level. And the level of items, in turn, automatically rises when one more of the same item is found. They can be discovered in chests hidden in the dungeons or obtained for completing a mission. Start the riveting adventure of Cat Quest 2 and defeat all of your enemies!