Cat Quest Mobile

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Cats can be heroes, too! You can make sure of that playing Cat Quest. Our furry adventure lover sets out on a dangerous mission that can save the whole cat kingdom in case of success – or leave it in the hands of a tyrant. Take a sword in your paws, repeat all the spells you know and prepare for uneven battle with crowds of foes! All enemies have certain behavior and strike patterns that they obviously hint at before using. You have time to react by escaping the damage zone and then return to use your own spell or hit the enemy with a sword a couple of times if you’re out of magical essence. It sounds quite simple, but some enemies are actually rather fast and some combine several attack types. So closer to the middle of the game the combats become quite challenging.

You also need to perform quests that form their own story lines. Almost all of them mock some classic RPG missions: exploring the world, clearing the dungeons, opening chests with loot and learning new spells. Everything is like in traditional games of the genre. The world isn’t very big, the quests are short and funny – all this is a compromise for mobile platforms, but the game looks decent even on PC. You pick a quest, always just one, set out for the required cave, kill all monsters, get new weapon or armor type, return for your reward and before you notice that you gain a new level. Our hero doesn’t have a lot of characteristics – health, attack power and magic power. These parameters increase automatically with each levels and can be upgraded by wearing special items – armor, helmet and weapon. You can upgrade these items, too. By finding a helmet that is the same as you already have, you can increase the level of the one you’re wearing or carrying in your inventory.

Cat Quest doesn’t claim to get on the throne of big action and RPG games. It has its own way. This is a very kind, sweet arcade RPG with cute graphics and charming characters that will help you while away a few evenings and give you a few hours of relaxing, nice mood. You can familiarize yourself with this lovely online entertainment on our site and start exploring the map of Felingrand without further ado!