Cat Quest Multiplayer

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Cat Quest clearly stands out from other role-playing games with its cute design and fun gameplay. The local feline world is interesting to explore, observing the behavior of these furry anthropomorphic pets. A short duration of the game, taking a total of ten hours, will not let you get bored, and in addition it will give a share of the positive. Although the mechanics of the project feel somewhat simplified, there is a place for experienced players, beginners or children who are just planning their acquaintance with the genre. Although this project brings little new, but the developers managed to put everything together well, removing unnecessary piles. Ideal for those who are looking for a good RPG, but do not want to understand complex systems and plot.

Since there are no classes in Cat Quest in principle, you can change your character’s specialization at any time by putting on equipment that will increase the characteristics you need: health, armor, attack power or magic. Mana can be restored, as well as health, only in two ways, among which striking with the sword / staff against the enemy and sleep. The full passage of the game, that is, clearing all the dungeons, raising the level to ninety-ninth, and completing all the story and side quests won’t take you more than a few evenings. The upgrading of the whiskered stops at the eightieth level. Yes, with the legendary sword of the ninety-ninth level, opponents with a difference of thirty levels are not a special obstacle. It’s important to look for a way to quickly gain experience. For instance, the deadly lawn in the center of the world can allows you to raise nineteen levels without much difficulty and in just ten minutes. These and other fascinating discoveries are waiting for you in this wonderful game online!