Cat Quest Pirate Treasure

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If you’re looking for a game that will both excite and amuse you, welcome to Cat Quest! The action unfolds in a fantasy cat world. Long ago, it was attacked by dragons and the mysterious ancient beings created Dragonbloods – cats who could fight them. After the victory in the Dragon War, these brave warriors enigmatically disappeared having left only legends behind them and a prophecy that dragons will once come back – as well as Dragonbloods.

The main hero of the game is a charming cat whose sister is kidnapped by an unknown white cat. He promises to free her if he becomes strong enough. And just as you would suspect, we find out that we’re playing for the last of the Dragonbloods. So our hero grabs a sword, staff or whatever you like most and, under the guidance of a friendly spirit, sets out to save the world.

You’ll have instant access to the entire map. However, you won’t be able to get into all locations at once. Some will require you to unlock new skills first, like flight or walking over water. Otherwise you have full freedom of action. The whole question is whether you’ll be able to survive in a combat with high-level opponents. In the battle, the focus is on the reflexes and personal skills, not numbers. Being not very upgraded and without serious equipment, you can still kill monsters 10-15 levels higher than you. The game lavishly encourages it with gold and experience. In your arsenal there is one weapon attack, roll and four spell cells. This is just the beginning of a long list of gameplay features that you can enjoy in Cat Quest. Why don’t you learn it for yourself? The game is available on our site, so you can give it a shot any time!