Cat Quest Update

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Cat Quest tells us a gripping story about a lovely character and his fantastic adventure. Once the peaceful fishing of the main hero and his sister was interrupted in an absolutely unacceptable way: a white-haired villain seized and abducted a cat, and at the same time destroyed the boat with an explosion. You understand that for most cats getting wet is worse than death, so our red-haired friend does not like water. He plunged into unconsciousness, and left to lie on one of the fragments of his ship, and a mysterious sign appeared on his nape. Having recovered on land after a while, he saw a small blue spirit soaring nearby, which in the end will instruct our tailed hero throughout the game. Our hero has now to go to the nearest village, where his adventures begin as the Dragonblood – a warrior of the long-vanished people who once exterminated all the dragons.

The game world of Cat Quest with its appearance resembles a map of the area, because cities and other objects, although voluminous, look schematic, in addition, their names are signed next to them right on the ground. Felingard is rather big, there is where to run and what to study. In addition, it is seamless, transitions are only in the dungeon. Naturally, in a fantasy world you can’t do without magic, so get ready to curb various elements and the spell of health restoration, which are a total of seven. Each of them can be obtained only in a certain temple, and tuition will have to pay with gold coins, which are not only hidden around the world and dungeons, but also drop out of defeated enemies along with blue coins of experience. All these abilities have ten levels, for each increase you will have to pay the magician. Only four of them can be equipped at a time, therefore it cannot be said that they are few. All the same, no coins will be enough for the maximum upgrading of all of them, because the higher the level, the higher the cost. For each use of spells, the mana scale is consumed. Don’t forget about equipping your hero with a good set of weapons in case you’re out of magical energy. Good luck in Cat Quest!