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The war between the cat town of Felingard and the Lupus Empire inhabited by dogs goes own. But the hostile nations will have to put aside their conflicts and unite against a common threat. The two kings will have to work together to retain their thrones and drive the evil force out of their lands. Maybe this joint trip against their will is going to make them understand each other and finally become friends? Let’s find out in Cat Quest II!

This awesome online adventure allows you to choose the role of either the cat or the dog and explore their respective territories solo or team up with a friend so that each of you plays as one of the duo. The world you have to cross is crawling with mystical events, various monsters and magic. You’re going to show nonchalance and persistence if you hope to overcome all the difficulties and fulfill your ultimate mission. The new part of the game will acquaint you with an expanded pet world and also add a few new content options, including more powerful spells and weapons, a convenient way to switch between the characters and interact with your friends in a fascinating cooperative mode.

There is a brand new story for you to follow that unfolds in the kingdom of Felingard and spills out beyond its boundaries introducing a new locations. You can now wield master swords, staves and other types of weapons to turn into a dangerous fighter. The developers have also added new passive skills that can be mixed to endow your character with enormous capabilities. And the system of dungeons has grown even more exciting, with new kinds of obstacles and trap for you to overcome. The lore is expanded by a multitude of side tasks that add even more diversity and thrill to Cat Quest II!