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What can be cuter than a world inhabited solely by cats? Cat Quest is just the kind of place. Furry villagers, whiskered wizards, adventure seekers with soft paws and even evil kitties nurturing cunning plans deep down, under their fluffy appearance. They all live in Felingard, a huge kingdom with a large number of settlements, dungeons and ruins. Its map resembles a map of some table game spread over the table, carefully drawn and full of funny names. All geographical titles are somehow connected with cats. Those fascinated with these charming pets will just love this fact!

The plot is no less exciting. The sister of the main hero is abducted by a mysterious mage. After a fierce fight he ends up in the sea and is thrown out onto the shore where it appears that our cat has a strange sign on the back of his head meaning that he can fight dragons. If you ever played Skyrim, you won’t be surprised to find out that your fluffy hero is the legendary Dovacat! His opponent is the evil Dracat and you have to combat him and his four dragons to prove your power and free your sister. To do this, you’ll need to upgrade your character first otherwise you won’t stand a chance. One way to do this is to accomplish tasks for local dwellers that are regularly hung out on special boards. You can also venture into the dungeons where you’ll meet terrible monsters and find plenty of treasures and artifacts. Some of them you will be able to sell and some are suitable for wearing to increase your parameters. The gold can be used for buying other goods you need from local sellers. When you feel strong enough, you can challenge the treacherous Dracat and end his rule over Felingard once and for all! Are you ready to set out on this amazing adventure and see where it will lead you? Then launch Cat Quest online this very moment and fulfill your noble Dovacat destination!